In FL0, all projects have project-specific configuration. You can find this configuration in the Explorer pane, under the Configuration heading.

There are two types of configuration:

  • User settings
  • System settings

Each type of configuration serves a specific purpose.

User settings

User settings are comparable to environment variables. They're read-only values that can be accessed by all flows in a project.

Creating user settings

  1. Navigate to a project.
  2. In the Configuration folder, select User defined.
  3. In the Name field, enter a unique name for the variable.
  4. From the Data type dropdown, select one of the supported data types.
  5. In the Value field, enter a value for the variable.
  6. Click Save.

Using user settings

When a user setting is defined, it becomes available in all of the project's flows as an output on the Start component.

To see this in action, follow these steps:

  1. Create a user setting.
  2. Create a flow.
  3. Add a Write Log component to the flow.
  4. Select the component's Content field.

When the Content field has focus, the variable is available via the Variables property.

System settings

System settings are for controlling the behavior of the project. You can't define new system settings. You can only configure the available settings.