Understanding data flow

Most components output some kind of data. Later steps in a flow can then access that data and act upon it.

For example, the Insert component outputs an object with two properties:

  • Data - An array of objects containing the data inserted into the database.
  • Rows Affected - The number of rows inserted into the database.

The following screenshots demonstrates how this data can be accessed via an End component:

The type of data output by a component depends on the component. Some components output simple data types, such as numbers or strings, while others output complex objects and arrays.

Steps don't have to be directly connected for a latter step to access the output of a former step. Once a step runs, all subsequent steps in a flow can access the data output by that step. Steps cannot access the output from steps that have not yet run.

The best way to discover the outputs of components is to browse the reference documentation. You can also use the Write Log component to log the step's output and inspect it via the Output tab.