Finishing up

You've done it! You've reached the end of this tutorial series. The last piece of the puzzle is to replace the existing backend of R3wards with the backend you've created yourself.

Step 1: Remix the Glitch project

To create your own, editable copy of the R3wards frontend, remix it via Glitch's UI:

  1. Navigate to!/r3wards.
  2. Click Remix to Edit.

Step 2: Replace the endpoint URL

The following endpoint URL is in the frontend's source code:

Replace this URL with the URL from your project's Swagger page.

Step 3: Replace the hard-coded IDs

There are some hard-coded IDs in the frontend's source code:

dd1b049e-49f0-4db4-b52e-97f7c2325082The ID of a user.
128739c9-9aed-474f-8e28-5f117fc2ad53The ID of a badge.
4119b20c-9221-440c-9b59-e63dd19109b9The ID of a (different) badge.

Replace these IDs with IDs from your own database.