In FL0, all projects have access to a marketplace. This marketplace contains integrations that add significant features to a project in a matter of clicks. For example, the Twilio integration adds various components for interacting with Twilio's API.

What can integrations do?

Integrations can offer either or both of the following features:

  • Components. Get access to entirely new components. This keeps the default component library lean, while giving you plenty of power and flexibility.
  • Scaffolding. Set up entire databases and flows simply by installing the integration. For example, an integration could set up the backend of a blog in a single click.

Installing integrations

  1. Navigate to the marketplace.
  2. Select an integration.
  3. On the integration's marketplace listing, switch to the Configuration tab.
  4. If there's some fields to fill in, fill them in. (You can change the values of these fields after installing the integration.)
  5. Click Add to project.

Creating integrations

Anyone can create and upload their own integrations. This makes it possible to extend FL0 in all sorts of powerful ways. To learn how to create integrations, see Custom integrations.