Save File

Save's a file to FL0's servers. You can use this with the End (Return File) component to return the file via an HTTP response.


File Name

The name of the file, including its file extension.

Warning: FL0 overwrites files with the same file name. If you don't want to overwrite files, generate unique file names.

Content Type

The MIME type of the file.


The content of the file as a base64-encoded string.



A file path made up of the current project's ID and the name of the file.

For example, given these values:

  • Project ID: 65664ab6-6084-40b0-87d6-48b4b87ba7f9/9f7d565f-5467-44c3-9960-0ec9d90b030e
  • File name: HelloWorld.png

This is the path of the file: